Monday, August 9, 2010

The last few weeks...

It's been an exciting couple of weeks since I launched my Etsy shop and began displaying my items for all to see. My Etsy shop blew up within the first few days and I received one order after another after another. I even had a couple of wholesale orders that monopolized a lot of my time. However, here we are into the second full week of August and the momentum has died down a bit. I'm kind of glad in a way, but I know that I need to introduce new items and build up the momentum again. I want to have a good following, but I can't do that with only two of three items to sell.

I've decided to introduce a couple of new hats but I'm having difficulties getting the right one and in the right colors. I've changed up my original Spring Fling Beanie and I'm trying to create my own "Summer Love" beanie. I've got my "Bella Beanie Cap" down pat...I've been making that hat since FOREVER!! Hopefully I'm out of my funk and I can already feel a new surge of inspiration. I'm thinking that this week will be a week of new beginnings and new offerings. It's already looking that way!

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